House Registrations

House Registration is an important aspect of property transaction process, which makes your possession of the house perfectly legal and helps you secure your investment from any malpractices and fraud. The law governing the registration process of a real estate property varies according to the place where the property is located. Thus it is necessary for homeowners to know in detail the local property law in order to get their houses registered in the proper manner.

Property Registration becomes necessary whenever a real estate transaction, which involves a transfer in the ownership title of a property, takes place and can be done in the office of the Registrar. In this process, the buyer and seller of the property concerned have to submit a copy of all documents that testify the act of title transfer through sale or any other means along with the applicable property registration charges and subsequently, after verification, the sale transaction is recorded in the registry office. Thus, your property becomes legally yours and you can be assured of its safety for the future.

Today, you need not wait for too long in order to get your property registered because the process is becoming more automated with the increasing use of computers and other electronic equipments. Our site can help you know every aspect of house registration process in the area you live, such as registration costs or registry offices and guides you properly in getting your property registered before the local property registration authority.
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